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It has the most complete line of squeegees and wide variety in household appliances to provide the best cleaning solutions for everyday homes and businesses.
In Brazil and around the world, the use of aluminum products is increasing because they are environmentally friendly and recommended by the sanitary legislation of several countries in areas such as hospitals, refrigerators, hotels. In addition to being light and practical for residential and office cleaning.
The entire manufacturing process follows strict quality control and is done by trained professionals, which does not prevent us from listening carefully to the comments and requests made by our customers.


Create and develop quality products for our customers, focusing on innovation and respect for people and the environment.


To be recognized as one of the best companies in the country in its products and solutions for people’s daily lives.


Faith in God and in the Human Being; Faith in God and in the Human Being; Ethics and responsibility in the relationship with everyone involved in our daily lives; Team work; Passion for work

Being a conscientious consumer is the best guarantee in your life and the environment, so buying products with more durability, while preserving nature, you still contribute to a better world.

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